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Starting New Classes

28th July 2007

Teacher Training Course

(30 hours program/level)

Short Teacher Training Courses

(12 hours / program)


  • Teaching Children English
  • Teaching Tenses
  • Presentation, Practice, Production
  • Classroom Management

Saturday Class 09.00 - 12.00

Intensive Class (Monday - Thursday) 10.00 - 13.00

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In this era of globalization, the English language is considered the language of international communication. This is why English is a very important language for everyone. Entering this new era, The Indonesian people have to compete with others from around the world as there are no boundaries between countries anymore.The Global Oriented Education Center (GO EduCenter) is a newly established educational institution which focuses on English Language Training.

GO EduCenter aims to become one of the leading English educational centers in Indonesia. Our goal is to help people learn English in an effective and interesting way in order to help them face the new challenges of this millennium.

Our Classes Facilities

Currently, a wide range of Training Advisors and Instructors are engaged in providing the following programs which can be chosen based on the needs and requirements of our customers.

  • General English Classes
  • English for Business Communications
  • English for Special Purposes
  • Teachers Training Course & Short Teacher Training Courses
  • Placement Testing for Recruitment and Selection.


We provide Saturday classes for General English, Teacher Training Courses, and Short Teacher Training Courses.

Our Classes on Saturdays go from 09.00 am - 12.00 pm


All of the GO EduCenter Programs are held everyday (Monday - Friday) starting from 09.00 - 17.00 pm.


  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Up-to-date Teaching Modules
  • Qualified Language Trainers
  • End of terms test and evaluation
  • Air Conditioned rooms


The General English Programs are designed for students who wish to improve their ability to communicate in English. The GO EduCenter method enables students to develop their ability to communicate effectively in English by improving grammar, development of vocabulary, speaking, listening, and writing skills. Our aim is to increase the students' confidence in the day-to-day use of the language.

This General English Programs are available at the following levels;

  • Basic Level ( Basic 1 to Basic 3)
  • Intermediate Level ( Intermediate 1 to intermediate 3)
  • Upper Intermediate level
  • Advance Level


The English for Business Communication has the objective of helping our clients to understand English and to communicate in the language with confidence, especially in the business context. This program introduces key business topics and develops practical skills within real business scenarios including presentations, negotiations, telephoning, meetings and discussions. Based on an interactive approach, students participate in problem solving tasks, case studies and business simulations. GO EduCenter designed this program to be enjoyable, stimulating, and most importantly, practical.

This English for Business Communication courses are available at the following levels;

  • English for Business Communication 1
  • English for Business Communication 2
  • English for Business Communication 3


English for Special Purposes is an intensive one-to-one program that has been developed to meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients. These courses are ideal for determined professionals who need to maximize their knowledge of English in their professional life. Our programs incorporate the use of specialized vocabulary as well as the functional use of the English Language which the clients are likely to face in their professional life.

The content of each course is tailor-made following a needs analysis and the syllabus is negotiated with the trainer.

English for Special Purposes includes:

  • English For Secretaries
  • English for Nurses and medical professionals
  • English for Bankings
  • English for Technical use and Engineers, etc


GO EduCenter offers Teacher Training Courses that are customized for groups of teachers or prospective teachers who need to become more familiar with the current principles and techniques for effective English language teaching.

The Teacher Training Course covers Language Analysis, Teaching Methodology, Teaching Techniques, Classroom Management and Classroom Activities, Lesson Planning, Peer Teaching, also Team Teaching.

Graduates of the course will be able to work confidently as teachers in an English language classroom.

All the activities are conducted by professional Teacher Trainers, who have more than 10 years experience in training new teachers in the biggest English Language Institution in Indonesia.The

Teacher Training Courses consist of 3 levels

  • Teacher Training Course Level 1
  • Teacher Training Course Level 2
  • Teacher Training Course Level 3


30 Hours per level, 3Hours per meeting. Total 10 Meetings per level


  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Up-to-date Teaching Modules
  • Qualified Language Trainers (Indonesian and Native speakers)
  • Free entry test
  • End of terms test and evaluation
  • Snacks/Coffee break every meeting
  • Air Conditioned rooms


Short Teacher Training Course is a course that specifies a particular topic about teaching without spending too much time learning other things. We offer 4 programs which can be taken separately. Each Program lasts for 12 hours and every meeting lasts about 2 hours 30 minutes. The classes are held every weekday (5 days) from 10.00 - 12.30 pm or every Saturday (5 meetings).

Teaching Children English (TCE)

  • The Main Characteristic of Children & The Difference between Teaching Children and Teaching Adults.
  • Methods and Approaches for Teaching Children
  • Tips and Strategies for Teaching Children
  • Lesson Planning
  • Teaching Practice and Feedback

Teaching Tenses (TT)

  • The Different Tenses in English and their Functions
  • The Problems of Teaching Tenses
  • Preparing to Teach a Tense
  • Lesson Planning
  • Teaching Practice and Feedback

Presentation, Practices & Production (PPP)

  • Introduction to the Different Stages of the Lesson
  • Techniques of Presentation
  • Different Activities for Practice and for Production
  • Lesson Planning
  • Teaching Practice & Feedback

Classroom Management (CM)

  • The Role of a Teacher
  • Grouping students “Organizing Pairwork and Groupwork”
  • Problem behavior and the solution
  • Using “Mother Tongue” in the Classroom
  • Demo and Discussion


The 1st Teacher Training Workshop

The topic for our premier workshop is "Teaching Children English”. This workshop was held on the 12th of August, 2006, in GO EduCenter, Cissy Point, Graha Cipete.

The participants were university students, teachers and prospective teachers who were interested in teaching especially teaching English.

The workshop discussed:The Main Characteristics of Children

  • The Diferrence between Teaching Children & Adults
  • Tips & Strategies
  • Groupwork and Discussion
  • Questions & Answers session

The 2nd Teacher Training Workshop

GO EduCenter 2nd workshop was held on the 20th of January, 2007, in GO EduCenter, Cissy Point, Graha Cipete.

The topic of the workshop was "Fun Games & Activities for teaching English".

In this workshop, even more participants attended, which made the workshop very lively & fun.

Most of the participants were teachers from AIS (Australian Int'l School, Al Izhar Islamic School, Direct English, and other schools and courses, also some university students who were interested in teaching English.

The workshop discussed;
  • Why it is Important to "Have Fun" in the Classroom
  • How to make your Lesson Fun & Effective
  • Choosing the Right Games & Organizing the class
  • Problem & Solutions
  • Teaching Demo & Teaching Practice

The 3rd Teacher Training Workshop

GO EduCenter 3rd workshop was held on the 17th March 2007 in Cissy Point, Graha Cipete.

The topic of this workshop was "Story Telling for Teaching English". The presenter was a Native Speaker, Gene Netto, an experienced English Trainer who has worked in many English Institutions & Schools.

The Workshop discussed ;
  • What is Story Telling?
  • How to Choose the Right Story for Children
  • How do Stories Help Children Learn
  • What do Teachers Need to Prepare
  • Teaching Practice in groups
  • Questions & Answers
  • and more!!!

Our Next Workshop

We are planning to have our next workshop on the 2nd week of May 2007. The topic for the upcoming workshop is “Introducing English to Young Learners (aged 3 to 6) a Workshop for Parents and Teachers". It will be held in GO Educenter, Cissy Point, Graha Cipete, Fatmawati.


One key to success for a company in creating a world-class professional staff that can compete against international corporations is in the process of recruiting and selecting the right person for each position in the company. GO EduCenter will help the process of recruitment and selection, by checking the English abilities of your employees.
The placement test includes an interview in English and a written test based on the result of the interview. The results of the tests show the English level of the employee which can be used for recruitment or selection purposes.